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Weight Boost

CPN Weight Boost™ for dogs is a state of the art blend of human grade body building ingredients designed for rapid weight and muscle gains. 100% human grad ingredients insure the highest quality whey protein, healthy fat from palm oil, L-Glutamine and flax create the ideal amino acid profile along with hight calorie balanced fat and omega 3 ratio.

Weight Boost™ is ideal for those hard gainers or dogs that have hennel stress and need a little extra in their daily diet to get past that hump and bulk up. It tastes great and is very gentle on their digestive system.

The benefits you’ll see from WEIGHT Boost ™ are:

  • Rapid muscle and weight gain
  • Increased energy source for aerobic workouts
  • Great tasting!

Available in 1 or 2 lbs sizes.

Ingredients: Vegetable fat, whey protein, flaxmeal, L-Glutamine.