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The recent dog food scares were not only predictable but inevitable. Big companies have traded your dog's safety as well as YOUR safety for bigger profit. At Canine Performance Nutrition, our products are made 100% from ingredients produced right here in the USA.

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Weight Boost

CPN Weight Boost™ for dogs is a state of the art blend of human grade body building ingredients designed for rapid weight and muscle gains. 100% human grade ingredients insure the highest quality whey protein, healthy fat from palm oil, L-Glutamine and flax create the ideal amino acid profile along with hight calorie balanced fat and omega 3 ratio.

Coat Boost

100% Organic. Omega 3’s, coat conditioner, hair growth, skin health, kelp and sea vegetation for iodine and chelated vitamin and minerals. Helps with weight gain.

Power Boost

Rapid recovery after high exertion exercise, fluid balance, increased fluid intake, clarity.


Overall body chemistry for training, muscle growth, joint support, helping prevent injury, maintaining energy levels and recovery during exercise, increased endurance, increasing appetite, Omega 3’s, BCAA’s, L-Glutamine, natural vitamin sources.


Pregnant female nutrition, high dose probiotics, puppy growth in the womb, better recovery after whelping, excellent weaning formula.